More About litework

litework is a web-based loan processing system developed by Advantedge to serve the exclusive needs of our Preferred Lenders wishing to submit applications to Advantedge.

It is a straight through processing tool designed to simplify the decision making process and save you and your staff time. litework enables the automation of all essential loan processing tasks including credit checks, lenders mortgage insurance, valuer instructions and automated approvals from Advantedge.

Using our automated loan approval decision engine, litework provides users with the certainty of a current Advantedge decision on each mortgage application. Combined with the option to obtain mortgage insurance using the eLMI function, litework users are able to provide their clients with an approval in far less time than the traditional mortgage application process.

Access to litework is available for all Advantedge Preferred Lenders and security features can be tailored to meet the skill level and experience of all users, from office junior to your senior credit analyst.